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Terms and Conditions for Beads Store

How to buy!
All products on this site are delivered only on request. Order is possible in two variants:

1. combined order.
a. order is possible only in specified time
b. minimum order amount is 1000 CZK On all orders from 1000 to 2500 CZK charged an additional fee + 200CZK.
c. prepayment 70 % of order sum
d. after receipt goods to our warehouse - payment of the remaining sum with postage

2. independent order.
a. order is possible at any time
b. minimum order amount is 15000 CZK.
c. prepayment 70 % of order sum
d. after receipt goods to our warehouse - payment of the remaining sum with postage

Discount by product group (see table below).
Special discount based on the difference of our internal course and the purchase course is added to final calculation of the order.
Discounts are summed!

Pay attention!
Not all products may be available. The average time of receipt goods to our warehouse 1-2 weeks. But some time may exceed 2 weeks.
In the case of overpayment - it returned to the buyer.
By registering on this website you agree to receive newsletters about the beginning of collecting combined orders and other news.
All prices are excluding VAT which will be charged to customers in the Czech Republic and buyers from Europe - who do not have VAT numbers.
List of countries sending in which we charge VAT:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Isle of Man
Shipping to all other countries without VAT regardless of who receives the goods – person or company.
For any questions and suggestions please contact us!

Term and Conditions:

Owner of online store http://biseroptom.ru/ is the company OKTA Trade s.r.o., based in Stoky, Czech Republic.

All products offered on this site is available only on preorders.

Product price.
The main currency in the store is the Czech crown. Payment order in another currency is possible only by agreement with the administration and may include additional charges.
Product price valid at the time of ordering. If prepayment for order received, product price cannot change.
Product price on e-shop set without VAT. If the delivery address is outside the European Union or your company have a valid VAT number, we do not charge VAT on order.
Additional discounts based on products value located in each category and apply only to this products.

Minimum order is 1000 CZK.
On all orders from 1000 to 2500 CZK charged an additional fee.
Each product category have a minimum level of order processing. If the order is below this level, it is placed in standby mode until the combined orders started.

Order Payments.
After order placed we send on email invoice for the 70% of the order value. After receipt goods to our warehouse from the supplier and preparing order to ship, we send final calculation including postage. Order ships only after full payment.
Payment for orders through paypal or wire transfers.
If some product out of stock, overpayment sent back to the buyer or reduce next order prepayment sum.
After prepayment sent any change in order is possible only by agreement with the administrations. Prepaid orders cannon be canceled.

Terms of order execution.
Receiving time for goods to our warehouse depends on the product category. On average, about 2 weeks after the closing combined orders or or individual orders.
Shipping from our warehouse within 2-3 working days after full payment.

Delivery of the order.
Standard Shipping option – Czech post. In agreement possible sending order on several parcels or shipping schedule.


Discount Groups:

*approximate number

Discount group Standart pack* Qt to discount pc/g ~ qt of packing* Discount
DG1 1200pc 60000pc 50 14,00%
DG2 1200pc 96000pc 80 19,00%
DG3 1200pc 96000pc 80 19,00%
DG4 600pc 36000pc 60 14,00%
DG5 300pc 6000pc 20 19,00%
DG6 1200pc 48000pc 40 14,00%
DG7 100g 12000g 120 18,00%
DG8 250g 110000g 440 20,00%
DG9 600pc 15600pc 26 19,00%
DG10 100g 4000g 40 11,00%
DG11 100g 6000g 60 14,00%
DG12 50g 2000g 40 14,00%
DG13 300pc 14400pc 48 19,00%
DG14 50g 3000g 60 13,00%
DG15 300pc 8400pc 28 14,00%
DG16 300pc 6000pc 20 13,00%
DG17 500g 7000g 14 14,00%


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